Numbers of holes 9 holes
Par 36
Length of course 3,499 Yard
岩湧1番 岩湧2番 岩湧3番 岩湧4番 岩湧5番 岩湧6番 岩湧7番 岩湧8番 岩湧9番
Back 558y
Regular 542y
Front 514y
Gold 466y
Lady's Regular 427y
Lady's Front 367y
Back 417y
Regular 387y
Front 359y
Gold 359y
Lady's Regular 296y
Lady's Front 296y
Back 177y
Regular 162y
Front 153y
Gold 125y
Lady's Regular 109y
Lady's Front 109y
Back 380y
Regular 351y
Front 332y
Gold 316y
Lady's Regular 283y
Lady's Front 283y
Back 353y
Regular 319y
Front 319y
Gold 319y
Lady's Regular 291y
Lady's Front 259y
Back 189y
Regular 169y
Front 148y
Gold 148y
Lady's Regular 148y
Lady's Front 148y
Back 436y
Regular 417y
Front 417y
Gold 314y
Lady's Regular 314y
Lady's Front 314y
Back 450y
Regular 419y
Front 419y
Gold 375y
Lady's Regular 359y
Lady's Front 282y
Back 539y
Regular 510y
Front 489y
Gold 461y
Lady's Regular 445y
Lady's Front 445y

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