Numbers of holes 9 holes
Par 36
Length of course 3,474 Yard
金剛1番 金剛2番 金剛3番 金剛4番 金剛5番 金剛6番 金剛7番 金剛8番 金剛9番
Back 387y
Regular 363y
Front 340y
Gold 292y
Lady's Regular 292y
Lady's Front 292y
Back 513y
Regular 487y
Front 487y
Gold 487y
Lady's Regular 414y
Lady's Front 414y
Back 405y
Regular 374y
Front 355y
Gold 329y
Lady's Regular 304y
Lady's Front 304y
Back 215y
Regular 194y
Front 187y
Gold 168y
Lady's Regular 144y
Lady's Front 144y
Back 331y
Regular 310y
Front 310y
Gold 278y
Lady's Regular 257y
Lady's Front 257y
Back 441y
Regular 401y
Front 388y
Gold 341y
Lady's Regular 341y
Lady's Front 341y
Back 184y
Regular 184y
Front 160y
Gold 148y
Lady's Regular 131y
Lady's Front 131y
Back 433y
Regular 410y
Front 380y
Gold 351y
Lady's Regular 309y
Lady's Front 309y
Back 565y
Regular 545y
Front 545y
Gold 409y
Lady's Regular 409y
Lady's Front 409y

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