Numbers of Holes 9 Holes
Par 36
Length of course 3,602 Yard
Back 527y
Regular 508y
Front 482y
Gold 425y
Lady's Regular 425y
Lady's Front 425y
Back 501y
Regular 450y
Front 405y
Gold 342y
Lady's Regular 342y
Lady's Front 269y
Back 190y
Regular 177y
Front 159y
Gold 139y
Lady's Regular 139y
Lady's Front 139y
Back 421y
Regular 401y
Front 365y
Gold 333y
Lady's Regular 333y
Lady's Front 259y
Back 426y
Regular 366y
Front 360y
Gold 244y
Lady's Regular 244y
Lady's Front 244y
Back 204y
Regular 182y
Front 160y
Gold 132y
Lady's Regular 132y
Lady's Front 132y
Back 458y
Regular 420y
Front 405y
Gold 355y
Lady's Regular 355y
Lady's Front 307y
Back 369y
Regular 355y
Front 355y
Gold 251y
Lady's Regular 251y
Lady's Front 251y
Back 526y
Regular 505y
Front 505y
Gold 462y
Lady's Regular 462y
Lady's Front 462y

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